About Me

Finding the perfect art piece that represents you can be difficult. There is so much on the market nowadays, and yet, there seems to be no sure fire locations to discover how you're feeling on the inside. Finding a piece that speaks to you can be all too uncommon. As artists, we can perceive the beauty in all things. Nothing is off the table; a rainy day can hold as much beauty as a sunny day. Just how much sadness inspires our hearts as much as happiness can. Here at Overdosedart, I aim to represent all facets and recesses of my mind. My aim is to speak to you and to inspire you. You're not alone in how you feel; you're not the only one who feels this way. So whether it's rainbows and sunshine or raindrops and cloudy skies, my pieces will make you feel something. Thank you for your time. Find something you like and admire it; life's too short not to.

Who Am I?

My name is Dylan. I come from a small, quaint community with nothing more to do than play with the freedom of my own mind. Passionate about artwork, not unlike you. I tend to create my work from moments of emotional inspiration. There isn't a single piece in my collection that doesn't speak volumes about me as a human and hopefully about you as well. Therefore, I'm here to give you the high-quality, twisted and calming products you always wanted! Each of my products is created with time and love for the most accurate representation of how I feel. Because, to me, art is in everything and everyone. Overdosedart is a single-man operation; all support is greatly appreciated. 

I believe in inspiration – Inspiring new thoughts, open-mindedness, and creativity! I continually pursue personal growth and art lets me do that. 

If you’re looking for unique artwork, then you’re in the right place. I have the products you’ve always wanted!